Tips For Hiring a Wedding Videographer

March 2, 2022

  1. Make sure you connect. You’re going to be working together from the moment you sign the contract to the editing and delivery of the final film. Go out for a cup of coffee, tour the venue, or, at least meet virtually. Take the time to get to know each other. You’ll feel more comfortable in front of the camera if you know the person behind it.
  2. Watch the films. Everyone puts their best work on their website. Check out Stories and Reels too especially for examples of their most recent work. Do all the films look the same? Or are they different? Do they tell the couple’s individual story? Which films do you like and why?
  3. What should I expect to pay? Quality often comes with what you pay. Filmmaking is a craft that requires education, experience, and talent. A well-put-together piece takes thought, preparation, expensive equipment (cameras, lights, microphones, drones plus all the accessories), and lots of editing time. Count on spending as much or perhaps a little more than you did on the photographer. Don’t dismiss someone who’s on the high end. On the other hand, be very cautious of someone who requires just a minimal investment. They may be very new to the field and just trying to build a portfolio. Their work may be amazing: just do your homework.
  4. How far out should I book? The easy answer? At the same time, you book your photographer. The established vendors will regularly book out a year or two in advance, especially for the Saturdays in September and October.  If videography is something you do last minute you probably won’t get your first choice and you may not be thrilled with the results.
  5. How many folks are on the videography team? There’s a lot of gear, places to be, and it’s a long day. Sometimes the pros work up to twelve or thirteen hours straight. If you have at least two videographers, one can cover your pre-ceremony and the other will be with your partner and they’ll team up for the rest of the day. Their expertise should be similar if not identical. Note: They work hard – please make sure water is available and feed them well!
  6. Do I really need a drone?  Aerial footage brings a different perspective to your wedding film. Think epic cinematic footage shots of the venue and the surrounding area or overhead footage of the two of you during the portrait session.  Many Hollywood movies open with aerial footage which builds tension and anticipation to the narrative. Think about the opening of The Sound of Music. To be safe, always make sure the drone flyer is licensed and insured.
  7. Are the editors in-house or outsourced? When it comes to your final product, the individual/company you’ve contracted is responsible for meeting your expectations. When you buy a house, it’s the builder’s responsibility to deliver your house on time to the agreed-upon specifications. Same goes here. Some videographers outsource their editing for a variety of reasons. Knowing how to capture great footage and editing are two different skill sets. Some videographers are amazing editors, some aren’t. Or someone might be overloaded with work and outsources to deliver on time. We prefer to edit each couple’s films in-house. We have control over music selection, storyline, and color profile. Plus your footage and films are secure. Everyone on our team knows the couple’s story.

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